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Meredith & The Bloom Mission

Meredith’s passion for petals for passion started at a young age, thanks to her lovely mother, Diane, owner of Charlotte Plantscapes. Instead of a playroom, Diane introduced Meredith to a world of imagination, with a room full of plants and flowers to play in.  In a beautiful atrium, is where Meredith’s creative mind blossomed. From there, her passion for flora bloomed. Meredith nourished this passion with trips to atriums around the world, and countless flower outings. Meredith’s informative years were surrounded by the beauty of nature and she carries that passion with her as an adult.

While Meredith was in the corporate world, she maintained her connection to nature through the support of environmental nonprofits. Her love of all things floral was also evident both inside and outside at her home, where plants were a focal point.

After years of helping others realize their dreams in the corporate world, Meredith decided it was time to follow her passion for petals, and stepped out of the corporate world and back into the world of nature, combining her experience in helping people with the pleasures of plants and flowers.

Meredith believes that Bloom will bring smiles to many while helping others in need. She has 20+ years of experience in event management, growing businesses, and coaching others. Her combination of professional experience and creativity is what makes Bloom so unique!

“We all have a conscience part in this world and mine is to help create passion through petals. I look forward to helping you find your petal passion!”