Autumn: A Time of Reflection

Autumn is many people’s favorite season. It signifies a shift toward cooler days, beautiful scenery, pumpkin spiced everything, and the lead up to their favorite holidays. For others, it’s the bittersweet wind down from the summer, a marker in the passage of time. The change of seasons is always a great time to talk about symbolism and design. Here’s what fall means to Bloom.

Autumn in History

While we tend to think of Thanksgiving as a relatively modern holiday, ancient civilizations also had festivals of thanksgiving to celebrate the fall harvest. Fall was the opportune time to give thanks for nature’s bounty and celebrate life before the coming winter. It was a time to visit the graves of ancestors and leave flowers.

Various cultures and religions around the world have significant celebrations and holidays surrounding the autumn equinox even now. In Japan, the week surrounding the equinox is called “Ohigan” and is used to adorn graves with floral tributes. China and Vietnam celebrate the Moon Festival, which takes place on the full moon closest to the equinox. Michaelmas is a Catholic feast that rings in the change of seasons.

Warm Colors

Summer is full of vibrant, eye-catching colors that capture the life and vitality of summer. When fall comes, those colors start to fade both in nature and design. After all, art mimics life. Though no less beautiful, design palettes tend to become more muted.

The colors become richer. Whereas summer might boast bright shades of pinks, greens, and blues, fall colors tend to include gold, cinnamon, and persimmon. The greens and blues take on a darker, smoky tone and become complementary. This is the perfect opportunity to add a pop of summer colors into a design, to pay tribute to the lingering memories made in warmer months.



Fall is the perfect time for reflection. As we get back into a routine with the beginning of school and the fourth quarter at work, it can be a great time to evaluate the year. Did you accomplish everything you wanted to this summer? Did you take time to live and enjoy the moment? What would you change for next summer? Where are you in meeting your annual goals?

By practicing reflection, you’ll be better able to look ahead. The year is winding down, but there’s still plenty of time to redirect your course and push to meet your goals.


Consider the term “Autumn Equinox” for a moment. Equinox pertains to the balancing of days and nights. Days begin to grow shorter and nights longer, making them equal in length. Light balances with darkness. This can be a very spiritual time for people, encouraging them to consider balance in their own lives. Fall is a time of change; what changes do you need to make to achieve balance?


Fall is a time in which nature is wisest. Symbolically, it compares to aging and maturation. We see the leaves in all their glory as they begin to prepare for the coming winter. They slow down after the summer rush, and their pigment fades. There is a sense of hope in the air. While it appears the trees and plants are dying, many of them are simply preparing for their rebirth in the spring. Now is the time when bulbs are planted in gardens, so they can blossom freely in the new year.



Fall is the time of harvest, both in agriculture and in ourselves. Take a moment to look at the seeds you’ve planted for yourself. Consider what you’ve done to make them flourish, and how you yourself have grown. What have you harvested this year? Appreciate your efforts and grow your self-awareness.

Fall Florals

Just because nature is preparing to rest, doesn’t mean you can’t still have great flowers for the fall season. Some of our favorites include:

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