Christmas in July

It might be hard to think of Christmas in the middle of the summer, but for designers whose businesses thrive on the holiday season, planning starts early. So why not mix business with pleasure, and combine the best part of the summer-- road trips-- with the best part of the winter? That’s why Charlotte Plantscapes owner and President, Diane Schwab (AKA Mom) and I made our way to AmericasMart in Atlanta to get a jump on all the upcoming trends for the 2017 holiday season.


What to Expect in December 2017


White Christmas

One word to describe the upcoming trends for Christmas 2017: magical. White and silver decor that pays homage to A Winter Wonderland, paired with delicate sparkles to bring the feeling of the moonlight on a quiet snowy evening indoors. Walking through the displays made it easy to forget about the July weather and imagine curling up by the fire while listening to Bing Crosby croon about a white Christmas.

Pops of Color

For those less inclined toward a monochromatic display, the crisp, white theme creates an ideal background to add a pop of color that really stands out. Imagine the elegance of adding red poinsettias to an all white tree. Or take it a step further and incorporate bright pinks, blues, and yellows for a whimsical approach.


Blooming Soon



Eclectic Accent Pieces

You can find inspiration wherever you go. After visiting over 100 stores, I left with some fascinating product ideas that will soon be online for purchase at Bloom! An important part of creative design is looking beyond the upcoming trends and seeing what people are interested in right now. Earthy tones, minimalist accents, and vintage inspired canisters and vases are still really popular, creating the potential for a stunning combination of traditional and modern decor.

Inspiring Motifs

In addition to inspiration, I had the incredible opportunity to connect with various suppliers that will significantly diversify Bloom’s offering. I don’t want to give anything away yet, but if you love tropical flowers you’ll want to stay tuned! If you’ve already visited our “Why We Do This” page, you know that event planning and live design is my passion and that my goal is to help others find their passion through petals.

We are currently meeting with organizations to create their holiday theme.  Please sign up here to set an appointment with us.  

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We look forward to helping you find your petal passion!



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