Green Walls

Green Walls are an innovative way to show your customers, neighbors, and friends that you take green living seriously. This trendy way to bring the outdoors in also offers numerous cost saving factors, business opportunities, and health benefits.


Noise REduction

Green walls are renowned for their noise reduction functionalities. Perfect for an urban setting, well-placed green walls can offset noise from day-to-day traffic, transportation centers, and the hustle and bustle of your office environment.

Improved Air Quality

Indoor plants have not only been proven to reduce microbes by 50-60%, but have also shown an improvement in general air quality, heat, and humidity levels. Help your visitors breathe a little easier, and offset the likelihood of seasonal illnesses.


Improve Productivity

Exposure to natural elements improves employee attendance, focus, and productivity. In educational settings, exposure to natural elements improves scoring in both English and Math. Whether in a corporate or home office setting, a green wall can improve work efficiency.

Improve Your Mood

Exposure to natural elements can reduce stress and have a positive psychological impacts. Different color-schemes have different mood enhancing effects. Bloom can customize your green wall to capture the emotional response you desire for your work space.


Ready to plant the seeds and reap the benefits? Contact Bloom today to bring your work space to life!

Plant Fact: The Amazon rainforest produces half the world’s oxygen supply!